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LOVE GONE WRONG … submit your Valentine’s day flash fiction

Next week’s post is open to everyone inspired to write a 500 word (or less) story with the following theme – Love gone wrong … ‘Love gone wrong …’ is very open to interpretation re time, setting, genre,  …  characters … Continue reading

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Arafura launch – women just ovary acting?

I learnt two things launching Arafura last week: Accepting and enjoying people’s kindness and support is so much more rewarding than resisting/being anxious/apologetic etc. 2. Women have strong opinions about types of potential mates, which I’ll come to shortly. It … Continue reading

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The Chemistry of Attraction

Last week I came across a fascinating documentary on Catalyst, ABC TV. It was about the Chemistry of Attraction, what attracts us to each other physically, and how many factors appear to operate at a subconscious level. First Catalyst discussed … Continue reading

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Compared to love, defining romance is tricky, a bit like being caught in quicksand. The more you thrash around in the various definitions, the more stuck you get. The World English Dictionary appears to limit romance to the world of fiction … Continue reading

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