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Saturday night/Arafura fever

Humans have been dancing around campfires, in ceremonies, to select a mate, to bond socially or just to have fun for a long time now. In the right environment, there’s something immensely joyful and satisfying about moving in rhythm to … Continue reading

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An undies-statement

I will get to the undies, but first……… many of us spend of a lot of time every week with our work colleagues. Through close proximity, we get to know and care about each other and exchange the important minutiae … Continue reading

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My neuroplastic bucket list

Dr Norman Doidge, author of the international best seller, The brain that changes itself, states that age related memory loss is REVERSIBLE with the right mental exercises. Use it or lose it. Physical and mental activity creates and sustains brain cells leading to better … Continue reading

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I’m just a dancing pachyderm….

It’s not often you can say something has really changed your life. What is this monumental fork in my life’s highway, you ask? Seven months ago a friend at work and I went to our first Sh’Bam class. In the … Continue reading

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