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More words for bottom, please. We’re behind.

A topic of recent debate amongst my colleagues and I has been the lack of sexy words for various body parts. From a previous blog (an undies-statement) you’ll see that there’s a lack of words for underwear, especially when writing … Continue reading

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My interview for Indie Author Land

Today Indie Author Land is hosting me for my first ever interview!! Jumping up and down, nail-biting fun! Indie Author Land consists of two very generous spirits who help self-published authors by interviewing them and giving them a plug on … Continue reading

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The Chemistry of Attraction

Last week I came across a fascinating documentary on Catalyst, ABC TV. It was about the Chemistry of Attraction, what attracts us to each other physically, and how many factors appear to operate at a subconscious level. First Catalyst discussed … Continue reading

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Compared to love, defining romance is tricky, a bit like being caught in quicksand. The more you thrash around in the various definitions, the more stuck you get. The World English Dictionary appears to limit romance to the world of fiction … Continue reading

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The darker side of pornography

Not all addictions are to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Addiction to pornography can have profound consequences. People (men use pornography more than women) who use pornography regularly have little idea of how their brains are being physically reshaped by it, … Continue reading

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