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The darker side of pornography

Not all addictions are to drugs, alcohol or gambling. Addiction to pornography can have profound consequences. People (men use pornography more than women) who use pornography regularly have little idea of how their brains are being physically reshaped by it, … Continue reading

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My neuroplastic bucket list

Dr Norman Doidge, author of the international best seller, The brain that changes itself, states that age related memory loss is REVERSIBLE with the right mental exercises. Use it or lose it. Physical and mental activity creates and sustains brain cells leading to better … Continue reading

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How neuroplasticity affects us – it’s true: use it or lose it!

Book review: The brain that changes itself, by Norman Doidge. This is a truly amazing read and gives incredible hope and insight to us all about human nature, ageing, parenting, learning, educating, rehabilitating, and improving our lives – intellectually and … Continue reading

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