Indie Book Review: Arafura – Unfinished Business (Book 2) by Susan Lattwein

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This book starts off with a bang, and it keeps on delivering. Nicely paced with good doses of action, drama and romance, I absolutely recommend it. After reading the first book, I knew it couldn’t end there, and the sequel takes everything that was great and builds on it, raising the stakes to a thoroughly satisfying ending. I loved all the supporting characters, who each had their own quirks and stories to tell. Kat’s world was wonderful to dive back into, and the tropical setting of Darwin was as prominent as in the first book. Isn’t it nice to venture into a different part of the world?

While I found it difficult to classify the first Arafura book in terms of genre, this one falls neatly into suspense romance. It’s the first I’ve read of that genre, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and so I’m open to reading…

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6 Responses to Indie Book Review: Arafura – Unfinished Business (Book 2) by Susan Lattwein

  1. Terrific reviews on book 1 and 2, Susan. A wonderfully promising appraisal that’s sure to more bring readers to your lovely words. Congratulations!

    • Thank you Shelley. There’s a fine line between showing off and just being darn silly if you don’t take advantage of this lovely feedback. Off to catch up on your recent post! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on such a great review, Susan. Now I really must go and get this book so I can immerse myself in Kat’s story once again. I enjoyed the first book so much, especially the fact it was set in Darwin and the central character was a teacher.

  3. ChristineR says:

    Susan, I reckon I’ll get time to read this one in Febraury! I went silly on Story Cartel and have a backlog now. So much good reading and so little time!

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