The first line of sequel to Arafura might be…

‘Her lips still tingling from the day’s unexpected kiss, Kat realised she was being stalked.’

64,000 words of sequel to Arafura, so far. Two more scenes to go, then serious editing time. Ready in late April/May, hopefully. Thanks so very much to my supportive friends and readers. XX

As usual, I can’t just stick to one theme, like romance. But neither is Gone With The Wind, Cold Mountain, Top GunAustralia, or Dr Zhivago (not saying I’m epic, just like mixing things up a bit).

Is that romantic suspense?

Kat Howard

USS kidd

USS Kidd

sense-of-humor-quotesWhat movies did you enjoy that had contrasting themes?

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18 Responses to The first line of sequel to Arafura might be…

  1. suzjones says:

    Keep going Susan. I’m so proud of you. I have a book inside of me just waiting for me to make the time to sit and write. I admire your tenacity and drive.

  2. I am YET AGAIN working the last of the last typos / errors out of my galley proof. This puts you in the lead by 64,000 words and one actually published book.

    Not that I am competitive. };-)>

    • Are we racing? 🙂
      Have had to be very single minded but I’m looking forward to catching up with your book.

      • Me, too. I still have 30 pages to go in your book, but I am doing essentially no pleasure reading for the time being.

        No race, and 100% mutual support. (I want Kat to be a mother in the final book of the trilogy.)

      • I’m in with the mutual support. *handshake*
        Re third book in the Arafura series – any more requests? Yoga? A navigator? A narcissist?
        By the way, I read that shame is at the root of narcissism in society, the fear of bring ordinary when social media showcases extra ordinariness. Why I wrote the ‘ordinary’ post.
        Cheers Susan

  3. Love…love the first quote…also I wish!

  4. Lee-Anne says:

    It sounds like a very pleasant kind of stalking #oxymoron 😀

  5. Sandra says:

    Keep going Susan! I’m counting down til the sequel’s out – no pressure though! 🙂

  6. amenajariinterioare82 says:

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  7. ChristineR says:

    That opening line would do it for me. Right away there are questions to be answered.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Susan. My novel was intended to be a sword and sorcery fantasy but now it seems to be a paranormal romance. Who knows what it will evolve into during the editing process! I’ve got to finish it first, though! 🙂

    • Hello Christine. Thanks for visiting and your encouraging words. 🙂
      Editing is a journey, isn’t it. Right now I’m re editing the first book. The advantages of self-publishing!! It’s as if you develop new skins when writing.
      All the best with yours! Cheers. Susan

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