Let’s play a game – it’s simple, and cheaper than therapy….

It’s like free association. I’ll show you some art from Canberra’s Sculpture Garden.

Can you tell me the first thing that pops into your head when you see each sculpture? You know, what the images say to you.

I’ll start off.

1. sculpture garden 11

My first thought to this statue was, ‘What a waist!

2. sculpture garden 10

I looked at these heads and thought, Twitter. (At least my experience to date)

3. sculpture garden5

This represents how I feel when I’ve pressed the WPress Publish button too soon (probably like just now…)

4. sculpture garden 12

The confidence of hedgehogs (I love the concept of hedgehogs and foxes).

5. sculpture garden 13

Separate but within.

6. sculpture garden 4

The mysterious beyond of female reproduction… (notice the ovaries?)


sculpture garden13

Nothing comes to mind for this. I’m stuck!

Anyone else have any crazy ideas for these sculptures? I wrote this for JusJoJan 8 at Lindaghill’s blog. Hello again, Linda. I believe you’re experiencing some fierce polar weather 🙂

Sculpture credits – the National Gallery Australia, Canberra.

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34 Responses to Let’s play a game – it’s simple, and cheaper than therapy….

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    I didn’t realise I had such a salacious mind but I must admit to having some Freudian moments when I first glanced at these pics… Your comments are way more diverting than the artwork! 🙂

  2. suzjones says:

    Some of them are mind boggling. The one of the heads in the water is very LOTR lol
    And the last one reminds me of an unfinished canoe.

  3. For the last one, try “boat dug up at the archeological dig.”

  4. 1. great balance
    6.lead me in
    7.ran out of wood
    it’s only 5:00am where I’m at!

    • Love your ideas Marilyn! You’re up very early!
      1. Yes, great balance, you can tell she’s been to a hot yoga class!
      2. Vietnam, oh my goodness. These heads are right near the cafe, watching you eat. I wouldn’t pay to be so disconcerted.
      6. I understand. There’s ‘stuff’ on the other side of that gate!
      7. I know!

  5. I am a Dag too Susan! Here goes:

    1. Off Balance
    2. Lost
    3. Contortionist
    4. They have landed or DNA
    5. Frozen
    6. Keep Out, quiet
    6. Crocodile

    I really think Lee-Anne should come clean mind. MM 🍀

    • Lee-Anne says:

      Haha! You might think I’m sleazy…I’m an English teacher 🙂

    • Hello Mick. thanks for your contributions, and daggy admission. 🙂
      Please don’t judge my shots with a professional eye (yours are amazing).
      Crocodile is very good. I think I was stumped when I saw another shot with a girl lying on the remains of the boat, eyes shut, like Ophelia.
      Hmm, about Lee-Anne, don’t judge a book by its cute cover. (Only joking, Lee-Anne! xx for you)

      • Lee-Anne says:

        Okay, I am no wus – I’ll tell you:

        1. Thunder thighs.
        2. Stalking
        3. Sex
        4. Pointy sex
        5. Ugly
        6. Beautiful
        7. BAD engineering.

        Actually, the first thing I thought of when I glanced at these sculptors was that corny joke where a man visits his therapist, who shows him some pictures, asking for his first response. For each he says “sex”. The therapist is dismayed and say, “You’re a sex maniac!” to which he replies, “Well you’re the one with the dirty pictures!”


      • Ha, ha!
        Points for #3, especially from the angle I didn’t photograph.
        No one likes #7!
        Very risqué today, thanks for joining in. 😀

    • Lee-Anne says:

      Haha! My flippancy gets me into trouble (but only in Cyberland!) 🙂

  6. LindaGHill says:

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the last one was that it looks like a boardwalk with lots of things to trip over. 😛

    It was VERY cold yesterday indeed. The -40 wind almost pushed me the opposite way down the street to where I was walking. It’s supposed to warm up to 2C on Saturday though. Weird weather for January!

  7. Susan Forbes says:

    7. Planking 😉

  8. Kim Saeed says:

    Susan, yes, I do see the fallopian tubes in #6 🙂

    #7 reminds me of an Egyptian mummy…

  9. Su Leslie says:

    The last one – “Make Your Own Jetty for Men: instructions on box”

  10. Peekiequeen says:

    Ha, I agree with your #1 and #2, my #3 is what my brain is doing while I write my novel, #4: challenge of the mind, #5: The Space Between…, #6 your interpretation is perfect! ha, #7: My Novel as it stands so far: almost complete but a mess. ha. How’s that attempt? CHeers and Happy New Year Susan!

    • And I agree with your interpretation of #3 – I was going to call it a difficult birth, as up close the ball (ie. baby’s head) seems to emerge from the rest of it.
      Your novel sounds like it’s at the wonderful stage where it’s all mapped out, but requires knitting together. Good luck and please keep me posted!

  11. Peekiequeen says:

    Thanks. I’ll definitely keep you posted. Cheers!

  12. What a great imagination you have, Susan. Your descriptions are funnier than the images The last one made me think of a coffin. Heavily nailed down, just in the case the unloved occupant thinks of climbing back out.

  13. Hello. A lot of people must see this last one in a negative light. Apparently 50% of weddings cancelled after the sculptures were installed! 🙂

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