Lost hunches and opportunities…..

If only I’d listened to myself, taken my ideas more seriously. I could have been rich!

I loved the concept of fairies before they were ‘in’. Same with dinosaurs.


If you look really hard, it still says Brontosaurus

Here’s my favourite dinosaur book to prove it. This was written back when people still got confused about man and dinosaurs being on Earth at the same time. When there was still a dinosaur called Brontosaurus. Not Jurassic Park author, Michael Crichton, he ran with the dinosaurs, he became rich.

For years I bleated about bitter tasting reconstituted orange juice, why didn’t anyone sell FRESH orange juice? Well, why didn’t I show some initiative and do it myself??

I knew the grungy suburb of Newtown (where I went to Uni), four kilometres from the centre of Sydney would become hipster and skyrocket in real estate value. But did I scrimp and save to buy into the suburb that sells nothing under seven digits now? No. I only have my own inertia to blame.

There are other things I saw coming, like beanbags, and those cute wooden dolls houses from Hong Kong, and the popularity of a certain place on the coast I’m-scrimping-and-saving-for-now-that-I’m-not-sharing-over-the-internet-until-I’m-firmly-ensconced-there-with-my-chickens.

I’ve always loved Dr Seuss and his wisdom, and now he’s regaining popularity.

Dr Suess

Well, here’s another undervalued treasure, Michael Leunig. I heard him speak today at the National Library in Canberra, promoting his recent book, Holy Fool.

leunig 4

I said to my husband, “You watch, that man hasn’t reached the peak of his popularity.” Michael Leunig is an Australian cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet, who, let it be known now, I have liked for a long, long time (though not as long as dinosaurs). Leunig said he’s not a religious man in the ‘going to church’ sense, but his work shows he thinks deeply about the sunshine and rain of life. I am surprised how many Australians haven’t heard of him.

So every now and again I’d like to share some of his work. I read Leunig’s gratitude poems to my school students, and they responded with whole-hearted ones of their own. This won’t make me money, of course , but I just want to get my hunch in early this time.

We give thanks for singers.

All types of singers.

Popular, concert singers and tuneless singers in the bath.

Whistlers, hummers and those who sing while they work.

Singers of lullabies; singers of nonsense

And small scraps of melody.

Singers on branches and rooftops.

Morning yodellers and evening warblers.

Singers in seedy nightclubs, singers in the street;

Singers in cathedrals, school halls,

Grandstands, backyards, paddocks,

Bedrooms, corridors, stairwells and

Places of echo and resonance.

We give praise for all those who give some small voice

To the everyday joy of the soul.

leuning 5

Photo credit: Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig

         leunig 2

Have you seen a good thing coming?

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10 Responses to Lost hunches and opportunities…..

  1. HazMo's Mama says:

    I love, LOVE Michael Leunig. Have for many years. You’ve just inspired me to dig out one of his books and read it to the Golden-Haired one to see how he responds.

    Once upon a time, about eight years ago, a girlfriend and I went to Sydney for a little trip. On that Day of Lost Opportunity, we dropped into a certain Danish furniture store (which is now both ridiculously popular and hellishly expensive) and I fell in love with a rosewood dining table and chairs set. It would have cost me my entire savings, and the Aspiring Urban Farmer and I had just exchanged on our first place. My girlfriend tried to talk me into it, but I just couldn’t justify it. Suffice to say, that same table and chairs set is now eye-wateringly out of my range and I remain ridiculously regretful I did not trust my instinct and just fork out the cash. Lesson learned, let me tell you.


    • These decisions are fraught with…..well, indecision, aren’t they? It’s hard to tell, sometimes, which way one should go without the reassurance of a crystal ball, or ones instinct as you say, at the very least. And a bit of gumption. I like that word.

  2. Lee-Anne says:

    No, never have predicted lucrative ideas… And why did they change “brontosaurus” to “apatosaurus” ?? It just doesn’t have the same ring!

  3. suzjones says:

    Wait! Newtown (home of former NRL team the Jets) is now prime real estate? Who would hav thought.
    I’ve heard of Michael Leunis but not read any of his work. That poem is lovely.
    I have many regrets about not buying things when I should have but then console myself with the thought that it probably wasn’t something I needed at this point in my life.

    • So right! Regrets are forks in the road we didn’t take, and we’ll never really know where they led. But I am trying to dither less and be pro-active.
      Yes, Newtown is very popular now. I think your neck of the woods must be nice. 🙂

  4. kenmcguinness says:

    Hi Susan

    love Leunig – in fact, our blog name comes from a Leunig cartoon I had cut out and saved from the newspaper many years ago – http://aroundlife.net/aroundlife-2/

    ken mc

  5. Ta, have followed! 🙂

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