A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. Steve Martin

Seriously, Meticulous Mick put some sunshine into my morning by nominating me for a Sunshine Award.


Well, right back at you meticulousmick. Your wonderful photos and posts have given me a window into your part of the world. Just read you’ve been inundated with awards, a nice problem 🙂

In the small print of this award I’m required to divulge 10 facts about myself, and nominate 10 bloggers who have bought sunshine into my online world.

       First, 10 random facts about me:


  • I like the way blogging makes the world a smaller, friendlier place – go bloggers!
  • I just finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and she prompted/reminded me to get my act together. Social bonds and connecting give greater meaning to life.
  • I am going to get braver and blog about children and women in appalling conditions of abuse and neglect in town camps in northern Australia.
  • I would run away with the antagonist in Arafura in a heartbeat (but don’t tell my husband)
  • The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.
  • My daughters call me ‘Extreme Mama’, (hopefully just because I play the loudest music in the house)
  • I am very close to becoming a partial vegetarian
  • I have very little willpower over chocolate
  • It’s a year since I went to Florida and NYC and I NEED to go back 🙂

Times Square PM                           Airboat tours Beach Pier Point South                          Skating at Bryant Park

10 bloggers that have given me sunshine, and connect with meaning and authenticity (in no particular order are):

1. Mungai and the Goa Constrictor – (who speaks up for animals with no voice)

2. navigator1965 – (for making me laugh)

3. Is It Just Me? – (for always connecting :), and speaking up about teenagers and      bullying)

4. travel ttp – (for your sunny warmth and tempting travel snapshots)

5. Happiness Secrets – (why aren’t there more Anna Marias in the world? 🙂 )

6. idiot writer – (for thoughtfully sharing your journey, still love that poem!)

7. scottishmomous – (for your creative flow and radiant poetry)

8. vicbriggs – (who I think is a fellow searcher :))

9. paulettemotzko  – (I admire your courage to speak out, and love the great recipes)

10. I also give a Sunshine award to HazMo’s Mama who leaves witty comments in the opinionated style of a modern-day Elizabeth Bennet on my blog. (She also stubbornly refuses to follow my blog. 🙂 ) HazMo’s Mama should stop procrastinating and dip her toe into starting a blog on WordPress.

But many more than these ten bloggers bring me sunshine, and I’m very grateful for my global blogging friends.

Crazy Darwin sunset

Sunshiny sunset
Darwin, NT, Australia

Thanks Meticulous Mick!

(Please note: Just feel free to accept the compliment if you get awards all the time)

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10 Responses to A day without sunshine is like, you know, night. Steve Martin

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    I accept my Sunshine Award with glee and gratitude! I don’t get many, (any actually) awards, so as an award-starved new blogger I am thrilled and honoured to receive it 🙂

  2. You deserve it! I think it’s a way to connect with and acknowledge friendly, radiant bloggers. 🙂

  3. HazMo's Mama says:

    (sing it in tune)….A little ray of sunshiiiiiiiine, has come into my world, a little ray of sunshiiiine, when I read you unfurl.

    Thank you! xx

    • What a sunshiny day!! No, thank YOU!! 🙂 I was toying with “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey….” Used to sing it to my girls at bedtime.

  4. Congratulations, and thank you. The only previous comment made to me regarding sunshine came from an army sergeant during a summer of basic training. I believe the comment was in reference to which body orifice of mine the sun was shining out of.

    Puts whole new spin on the song, “Blinded by the light.” And not a pretty spin, come to think of it.

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