Still Hunting and Collecting

Today I’d like to ‘put in a good word’ about music.

As with humour, music can transport me to a better place, it helps me unwind, unfurl (I love that word). It’s great to hear the iconic Australian rock music band, Hunters and Collectors are touring again. Okay, okay, it’s FANTASTIC, and I’ll be devastated if I can’t get tickets to the show at the Enmore theatre in Sydney next April!!

Hunters and collectors

Hunters and Collectors
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Why were they such a popular band? As Mark Seymour, the frontman and songwriter of Hunters and Collectors, was recently quoted saying via Mushroom Promotions –

“The reputation of the band – its iconic status, so to speak – was built up over constant touring, just this relentless approach to getting out there and playing for years and years and years. It was very much about being in a pub and having thousands of people jammed into a room, with this big, incredible sound. There was unity, there was pride and a total lack of bullshit.” Mark Seymour

How many bands’ live performances can be described as commanding, powerful, primal, ‘sweat-soaked’, and intense? And what about Mark Seymour’s insightful, emotive lyrics?

hunters_wideweb__430x232                                            Hunters and Collectors in full flight.                                                                                              Photo credit:

It is for these exact reasons that I chose three H&C’s songs to include in the Arafura screenplay, and why they remain embedded in the novel.

hunnas 1


I have been listening to the band a lot whilst writing. To me, the lyrics and intense emotions within these three songs suit the storyline, and what is happening to the characters at the time. I had no inkling H&Cs would ever reform and tour again, hence my excitement now. The band are also set to provide support for Bruce Springsteen at his Melbourne gig on February 16 next year.

Hunters and Collectors formed in 1981 and disbanded in 1998, recording some of the country’s greatest cult hits. The three songs in Arafura are shown below. Throw Your Arms Around Me has been recognised by the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time. Top 30, that’s a bit harsh. Have a listen, what do you think? Remembering their pub origins, and their unrelenting energy, they need to played up loud on a decent sound system (but they’re best live!)

Holy Grail – I used it for a goose-bump moment in Arafura.

Say Goodbye – I used this to accompany, well, a goodbye scene.

But I have so many other favourites of theirs that deserve more acknowledgement in the international arena. I mean, how did AC/DC become so famous and not these guys?? My other favourites –

Talking to a stranger

Do You See What I See

When The River Runs Dry

The post-traumatic stress affected hero in Arafura, Adam, likes Hunters and Collectors (of course) and creates his unique take on the band’s name (via my husband who is also a big fan). But you’d have to read the novel to have that chuckle. 🙂

Here is information for Hunters and Collectors upcoming concerts.

Hunters and collectors Under One Roof CD
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If you don’t live in Australia, (and can’t make it to a concert) the CD I turn up loud can be ordered from Amazon here

All of the above songs, are on it, and more.

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