Writing & Creating Magic: When Less is MORE

Thanks for such an informative post, Jami and Kristen!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Today, we are going to hear from my Panster Plotting Maven Jami Gold. What are some of the essentials for creating magic in our fiction? Sometimes, the answer is simpler than we might believe ;).

For many things in life, more is better. In stores, we see packaging with “Bonus 10% extra!”, “Now even bigger!”, and “Twice the number of chocolate chips per cookie!” (That last one is unquestionably better. One of my greatest achievements is making chocolate chip cookies with just enough batter to glue the chips together. Heh.)

But in writing, the standard beliefs don’t always apply. More adverbs or adjectives don’t make our writing better. Excessive word counts often indicate fluff writing. And going into excruciating detail about every item in a room makes for boring reading.

We especially tend to make these mistakes when we first start writing. We might think readers need to picture the…

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