Two amazing women…..

“Well that was a huge load off my chest!” Who would say that after a double mastectomy? Someone with an inspiring combination of courage and humour, that’s who.

I took myself off for a mammogram this week because of two generous women who shared their breast cancer stories recently.

The first woman is Susie Lindau, from Boulder, Colorado –

I first came across Susie’s blog in May after she’d just written “The Boob Report – Roadblocks and U-turns”, when she first announced she had breast cancer. Look it up, especially the photo, which demonstrates how she faces ‘adversity with humour’. Susie has continued to share her journey with her posts, or Boob Reports. We accompany Susie on her informative journey involving an MRI, biopsy, her double mastectomy post-op details, her lymph nodes, even a post-op invention she developed.

Susie asks the reader – Am I changing how you think about breast cancer?

Yes! Through your humour, and your positive and generous spirit, you have.

The other amazing woman I’d like to talk about is Lisa Poulos, from Australia. Lisa has turned her bad misfortune into a positive for others by sharing her story. ‘A Life Laid Bare’ is Lisa’s photo documented journey of her battle with breast cancer, recently aired on Australian television. As stated on YouTube, the photos were taken by her photographer friend Ian Butterworth.

Watch her story here; from multiple misdiagnoses, a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction.

By sharing her particular journey so openly and visually, Lisa demystifies and clarifies what a double mastectomy involves. She hopes ‘this will help women who, like her, are scared of having their breasts removed’.

You have, Lisa. Not only that, but you offer a cautionary tale of following your gut feeling and being persistent if you feel something is not right, despite negative test results.

I’m inspired and very moved by the physical and psychological information on breast cancer Susie and Lisa offer. Not just to other women, but their partners and families. Although they live across the globe from each other, their public messages are universally touching and relevant.

Thank you very much and best wishes, Lisa and Susie. And by the way, I agree with Susie about the word, ‘bosoms!”

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2 Responses to Two amazing women…..

  1. susielindau says:

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed Lisa’s video. What a brave woman. She had such amazing support through her friends. I can’t imagine going through this without Danny. She had the added enormous stress of a separation and divorce. How horrible.
    I love her photos, but have such a different feeling about my body now. I would not have been nervous about having the photos taken, but maybe it’s because I don’t have nipples and so I don’t feel like I am exposing anything. Because my chest wall is over the expanders, I feel like something is covering them physically, like hard plastic tea cups.
    I had taken pictures before my surgery. My reconstruction surgeon took photos 5 days after when I looked like a cadaver in a CSI show. I should take some now that the bruising is gone. I love my new fake out boobs! They are cool looking without nipples.
    I have “flashed” many of my girlfriends who were curious to see what my breasts look like. Most of them love the nipple-less look.
    I have been considering posting a photo of my topless self on my blog, but I don’t want to put my mom and dad in an early grave. We’ll see!
    Everyone goes through this journey differently. Thank you so much for the shout out! You will do really well!

    • Hi Susie
      Thanks for the frank and fearless update, as usual, ha ha! Must be great to be past the bruising and so glad you’re bonding with your new fake boobs (not ‘bosoms’). Seriously, I think you and Lisa are such leaders in telling your stories. I hope people check out your other posts when they visit, I particularly like the one you wrote to Prince Harry. Look forward to more news!

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